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Teacher Criticizes First Grader's Artwork, but Social Media Says It's a Masterpiece

A first grade girl was devastated after her teacher panned her picture and remarked that she had "done it wrong." Her mother decided to share the amazing work of art on social media to get other's opinions, and was flooded with positive messages:

"Edie, I will never forget coloring a horse blue when I was about your age and being told it was wrong. I believed it. I shouldn’t have. Why can’t you draw a blue horse? Don’t let anyone tell you how to do art. Math is right or wrong. Art never is"

"We think Edie is very talented! She's always welcome in our art club!"

Edie... Your art is AWESOME!!! There is no such thing as doing art “wrong”. There are only teachers who are wrong”!!! Your art shows amazing freedom and spirit. How can that be “wrong”?!?! Keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing. I LOVE it!!!

Edie's mom was so thankful for everyone's comments because it has given her little girl such a boost in confidence in her art and in herself.

Here's hoping that all little Edies out there continue to express themselves in their art as long as it makes them happy!


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