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Let us help you navigate the art world. We believe you should find accurate, trustworthy answers to any art market question. Your Art Concierge has developed relationships with top-ranking experts in all areas of the global art industry.

We give referrals to exceptional art service professionals from our registrars and collection management experts. Our referrals have been in business for many years, and have proven reputations in the industry. Your Art Concierge has no affiliation with the referral entities that we provide.

To quickly receive referrals (usually within 3-5 days, except during holiday) to appraise or consign to sell your work(s) of art, please visit our Pricing Page

Thank you for your business and this opportunity to be of service to you!

Due to the volume of referral requests we receive, we can only address inquiries regarding existing referral requests that have been submitted through the form on our website located on our Pricing page.
Thank you.
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