Do You Have a Specific Art Services Need? We Have Solutions Tailored for You


With over 25 years of expertise, Your Art Concierge has developed professional relationships with the best and brightest in all areas of the global art industry.  We provide you with two options below to help you find the best expert(s) for your particular collection needs:

1.Whether you wish to consign at auction or seek an appraisal for insurance purposes, we make referrals to exceptional Art Service Providers. On your behalf, we will put you in contact with a professional referral who we believe will be able to best assist you. Please click:



2. Work with whom you want, when you want, where you want. Get independent access to research 20,000 + global art & auction experts to find a professional in your area please click:



What people say

"Don't even think about having your collection appraised without a referral from Your Art Concierge"

The Estate of

Debbie Reynolds, Actress

Beverly Hills, CA.


Sample Referral Types

Archive Researchers

Art Advisors

Art Appraisers

Art Framers

Art Insurance Specialists

Art Law Firms

Art Leasing Companies

Art Market Researches

Art Provenance Review

Art Recovery Services

Art Restorers & Conservators

Art Storage & Transportation

Art Title Insurance

Auction Houses

Authentication Experts

Collection Management Services

E-Commerce Platforms

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Scientific Testing (Art & Artifacts)

Site Security (Home/Business)


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