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Thrift Shop Volunteer Discovers Original Artwork by Dali on Shop's Floor

It was just another day volunteering at the thrift shop in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina when an employee stumbled upon something she suspected might be remarkable. Her hunch was correct - she had discovered an original Salvador Dali wood engraving on the floor of the thrift shop as she was sorting through paintings. She then decided to ask the thrift store for permission to get a professional opinion regarding the artwork.

An expert was able to determine the piece in question was an original Dali wood engraving—including the 20th century surrealist's signature—from a series called "The Divine Comedy" commissioned by the Italian government in honor of poet Dante Alighieri. This series has 100 different images, as Dante wrote 100 different verses or cantos.

The piece ultimately sold for $1,200 - not bad for something that had been gathering dust on the floor of a thrift shop.

Have you ever found something valuable at a thrift shop, antique store, or yard sale? Keep your eyes peeled, fortune hunters, as treasures sometimes hide in plain sight!

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