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A Tribute to Artist Claes Oldenburg

We are saddened by the passing of Swedish-born American artist Claes Oldenburg, in Manhattan at the age of 93.

Over his decades-long career Oldenburg radically transformed the terms for sculpture, highlighting the sculptural presence of everyday consumer objects and challenging the assumptions of sculptural materials through scale, turning incidental items into monumental sculptures, many of which now populate public spaces in cities and museums across the world. Whimsical and uncanny, they loomed above visitors.

Corridor Pin, Blue, 1999. Stainless steel and aluminum painted with polyurethane enamel.

Art work by #ClaesOldenburg (American, born Sweden, 1929–2022) and #CoosjevanBruggen (American, born the Netherlands, 1942–2009) from the exhibition “Oldenburg and van Bruggen on the Roof”


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